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IMGP2362In this dream of ‘Melissa’s’ we see that the ‘yogi bear’ of this previous post has assumed a leadership role in rallying the bears to continue seeking recourse to stem the destruction of the environment.

As I consider this I think of a James Taylor song with the lyrics, “Einstein said he could never understand it all …”  He did understand that a problem cannot be solved at the same level at which it was created.  I believe ‘Melissa’s’ dream is showing us some of the ways each of us can access healing wisdom on another level of consciousness.

This is the intent behind her choice to dedicate her yoga practice and her ‘Dark Man’s’ choice to dedicate a Sun Dance ceremony to the issue of healing the planet.  These actions are typically undertaken with intention and with focus.  In addition, the Sun Dance ceremony includes a distinct period of fasting and cleansing.

It is accepted wisdom, also, that meditation practices, for that is ultimately what these are, are not rushed.

This is not about flipping a switch to fix something, ingesting a pill to fix something, injecting a shot in the arm to fix something, spending money to fix something.

It is about the realization that the most beneficial response to critical issues is to find the quiet in yourself and focus your intention on understanding the moment for more than its surface qualities.

There are more than enough forces out there distracting us from seeing the depth of the moment and pushing on us the silly noise the trend-meisters and spin-artists want to grab our attention.  We can skip along from bit to bit like stones across a pond or we can take the plunge.

Every day is a new opportunity, a new NOW.  One NOW at a time the healing will happen.

As for me, considering that the calendar has brought us once again to the border of Virgin Territory, I find it interesting that ‘Melissa’s’ ‘Dark Man’ appears in this.  Of course, it could simply be that it was tie to learn more about him – likely a Crow Indian, a Sun Dancer, a dreamer.  I find myself, however, wondering if this is also about the mysterious Dark Matter and Dark Energy that comprise 95% of our universe.

Yes, that’s right.  95% of the composition of our universe is a mystery to us.

Why might this dream of ‘Melissa’s’ point to meditative practices and Dark Matter/Dark Energy?  It seems I am to connect the wisdom of seeking another level of consciousness in these ways with something about the nature of these dark compositions.

What?  Why?

IMGP3508.JPGThe word “level” leaps out at me and I immediately think of Irishman John Stewart Bell’s theory of interconnectedness.  Perhaps some aspect of these Dark Compositions facilitates the effects caused by human intention and thought and action?

When I listen to lectures about Dark Energy and Dark Matter, these mysteries woven into our universe, one possibility occurs to me.  One force in the universe is the electromagnetic force.  There is significant electrical activity taking place in the human brain.  Might there be electricity to our thoughts?  Might it be that as we change our thoughts, change our brain waves, the electrical process changes, also?

Three years ago in Scientific American, Jonathan Feng and Mark Trodden wrote, “…dark matter may be accompanied by a hidden weak force, or even more remarkably, a hidden version of electromagnetism…”  I think there is room in this mystery to entertain the possibility that there could be a chance that the electrical processes of human brains and the electrical forces in dark matter might interweave, interact, to exert an effect in the physical world.

To offer a real world picture for this I tender the work of the Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto.  This from the front flap to his book, “The Hidden Messages in Water”: “Using high-speed photography, Dr. Masaru Emoto discovered that crystals formed in frozen water reveal changes when specific, concentrated thoughts are directed toward them.”

The key there is the focusing of “specific, concentrated thoughts.”  There have been studies about the effects of relaxation and focused meditation on brain activity.  The waves produced during meditation are of a different frequency altogether.  The Theta waves of meditation are the slowest waves before the Delta waves of deep sleep and demonstrably slower than the ‘chattering’ alpha and beta waves of more alert states.  It is as if the Theta waves are Tolkein’s slow-talking Ents, I think.

So.  Different wavelengths, different effects on matter?

At the moment, like 95% of the universe, it’s a mystery.  It is tantalizing to think, however, that wisdom may be found in those Theta waves like a salmon glimmering in the light of the moon.

Barbara Butler McCoy, c. 2013

[[Photos: Top – ‘Mystic,’ Barbara Butler McCoy, 2010; Bottom – ‘Magnolia,’ Barbara Butler McCoy, 2011]]

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