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IMG_20150902_123109I was traveling yet again last week when it came time for my birthday.  It’s funny.  In my mind my birthday is both a personal new year and the point when I can legitimately begin looking for Autumn to arrive.  (I love Autumn.  Favorite season.)    So, I’m always surprised when the phone rings with well-wishes, or boxes arrive in the mail.

It was especially delightful to arrive back home to a stack of such boxes filled with beautiful, thoughtful, amazing gifts.  The photo shows just a sample of things, the birthday suite of the post’s title.

IMG_20150901_155457003_HDRNow, I get to indulge myself by designing and writing my ‘Thank You’ notes.  I’m using a stencil and some of the line drawings from my first blog and, even though the sample with the magnolia doesn’t seem quite ‘there’ yet, I’m having a blast.

Maybe I’ll post about the finished designs.

Take care.

Barbara Butler McCoy, c. 2015

[[Photos: Barbara Butler McCoy, c. 2015]]