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IMG_20140826_113910172_HDRIt is rather enchanting to discover that your birthday is, in another portion of the world, a feast day for a goddess.  The goddess to whom I refer, called Ilmatar, or Luonnotar, is known as Air-Daughter and Water Mother.  According to Finnish mythology, She created the Earth out of chaos.  Her annual feast day is August 26.

Luonnotar’s song is the first Canto of the Finnish mythological epic “Kalevala.”  One resource describes her canto in this manner, “This is a world creation myth that could be as old as 3,000 years old, dating it to before Christianity.”  To place this in perspective with some of my other posts, if this myth is over three millennia old it comes just a few centuries after the fall of Troy.

It seemed the moment, this birthday, to compose a poem to the Water Mother.  I worked on it one morning, finished yesterday afternoon and decided to step away a bit, invite a deeper perspective on what I’d written.

I woke this morning from a dream wherein Carl Sandburg was the captain of a bright red fire engine.  That made me smile.

Oh, this video is a stunning expression of Ilmatar’s Canto.


Barbara Butler McCoy, c. 2014, Photo and Text