image-2… or pretty close to it.

The first week of August limped in, for me.  I spent some time at the auto dealership’s service department having a tire replaced.  Somehow, somewhere, a nail had punctured the tire in a spot that just could not be patched.  Fortunately, help was not too far around the corner and the assistant service manager, a young man with the surname O’Donnell (where have I heard that name before?) set everything to rights and sent me on my way.

While I appreciated the new tire, I especially appreciated meeting an O’Donnell so soon after writing about the people.  Life rhymes, indeed.

And it is sweet.

My husband and I spent the weekend of the 8th just two or three floors below the roof of a hotel in Midtown, a little getaway to celebrate our 33rd anniversary.  We watched and listened to a storm roll through, sipped some Tullamore D.E.W. from a flask, watched the premiere of “Outlander,” and reminisced.

Relaxed and lovely, up near the clouds.


Barbara Butler McCoy, c. 2014

[[Photo: Midtown Atlanta Skyline, auto awesome by Google+, Barbara Butler McCoy, 2014]]